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Christine Fenech

Christine Fenech

educator, storyteller, narrative coach

narrative coaching, education, corporate culture


Christine is an educator and curriculum developer at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences where, amongst other subjects, she teaches about how the power of stories can be used to strengthen corporate culture and to create well-being for teams and students. She has also developed ‘The Cabinet of Curiosities’ a tool to summon stories both in teams and small organisations to help them (re)connect to their mission and values and on a personal level as a coaching tool. She is driven by the desire to help connect people to their ‘heart’ and find the stories that act as beacons for inspiration and direction.

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My story

I interpret and experience the world in the form of stories. As a child I would imagine myself as a hero overcoming obstacles and discovering the treasures at the end of an adventure. I have always loved the magic and the freedom that is created by the phrase, ‘There was once…’ A door is opened into a space where life can be interpreted and experienced on an archetypal level and where there is the freedom to re-narrate storylines that are not working any more. My greatest joy comes when I can help people see their lives and ventures in this way, that they may become more conscious authors of their lives.

You can use me for:

Tailored sessions to help companies and teams find their stories, narrative coaching in peer-groups and individually.

What drives me is…

My personal mission is to connect people deeply with themselves and others. To show them how rich they are in stories  and how they can use this incredible wealth to connect to others meaningfully both personally as well as commercially.

What makes me special:

My capacity to empathise deeply with people and help them explore their stories with a sense of adventure and a touch of humour. I am able to listen to the story under the story and help people connect to what they are truly exploring. In addition my native tongue is English and have a great creative facility with the language, making it perfect for my working in international environments.

What people say about me:

‘What a great experience to work with the Cabinet and with you Christine as my coach! I deeply enjoyed to have a moment for myself and to have you listening, asking me questions, weaving threads through my stories and motivating me to go deeper in my emotions.’

Books, references

Cabinet of curiosities